Sensory Field Notes: The Diary of a Dark Store Worker was created and produced by affect lab, an award winning research practice and creative studio. In collaboration with an international artistic network, we use design research, experimental field work and immersive storytelling to impact social change.

This publication is the pre-study to a A City Eating Itself (in less than 10 minutes) — a deep dive into flash delivery apps and quick commerce. We see the need for a critical view and more open debate to reflect on the influence of these technologies on the diversity and liveness of neighbourhoods, city architecture and urban planning. The project speculates on future urban scenarios through location-based immersive storytelling, world-building workshops and a publication. Our goal is to engage city officials, consumers, technology entrepreneurs and professionals in urban planning to spark a conversation about the future of the consumption city.

Written by DSW (anonymous Dark Store Worker) and edited by Natalie Dixon (affect lab) and Nahal Sheikh

Koos Groenewald, commissioned by affect lab

Website design
Taya Reshetnik (affect lab)

This project is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL
A project by affect lab. 2022